Welcome to the Official site operation Tarasht Power Plant

Welcome to the Official site operation Tarasht plant

The main activities of exploitation of electric energy production plant over time Tarasht areas of activity: Services of sports, simulator training center and development center DG (DGPC) has been added to it. Foundation plants around 6 decades ago and is now the oldest power plant and a symbol of the ability of the electricity industry in its sixtieth year of continuous operation of the plant has four units, heaters, Alstom of France nominal power MW 12.5. It should be noted that the production capacity of more than 50% at the beginning of the construction of the capital's electricity needs. Credits are already being located in urban areas of Tehran and some other features, the most desirable locations for pilot projects to spread to other power plants of the country. Six years in power management approach Tarasht is raised, the most important of them are: Organizational Excellence Award and Certificate commitment to excellence, strategy development and strategic planning, certification audit Integrated management system (IMS), the publication of shared vision, committee think tank and addressing issues such as CRM and technology management (Business management certificate technology) and Business excellence awards honor the two stars.

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